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Ante-natal care

Ante-natal care is usually delivered at the consulting rooms of your chosen carer. It follows the common pattern of monthly assessment until 32 weeks, providing all remains normal and thereafter more frequently.

Ultrasound scans are not routinely performed if you are under the care of a midwife. Everyone is entitled to one ultrasound scan to determine dates. This is not always offered and it is best to ask if not mentioned at your first visit to the midwife. If the midwife has no reason for concern you will not have another scan during your pregnancy. This can be rather strange and it is best to discuss it with your midwife. They are usually very flexible.

Blood tests are done routinely. If you want to know what they all are, just ask your carer. As with most things, information is not freely offered but given when requested.

Amniocentesis (buikprikje) or villi biopsy (vlokkenstest) are available when appropriate. Insurance will cover the cost of the investigation if it is medically recommended. You may have to travel to a teaching hospital for such special requests.