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This page is about one of our most popular regular events: Culture Night! With so many different nationalities on board there is so much to share!

How does is work?

If you volunteer to host or co-host with somebody else you will get a budget to provide some drinks & foodsnacks typically of your country. You can post your event on facebook, it should be aimed between 8-15 people. If you feel your livingroom is not suitable for hosting this many people we have some suggestions for you.  The hosts will prepare a small preferably interactive presentation, we love it if you can have lots of visuals (pictures or object) to show us.

In the past we have had Cultural Nights about Japan, UK, Iceland, Germany, United States, Mexico and many more. We are looking forward to many more fun nights!! Contact us if you would like to host a Culture Night or if you have any questions.  info@intouchexpats.com