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Labour and delivery

Bevalling. Make sure you know by week 36 of your pregnancy, whom you should contact and how when you go into labour. Also have ready equipment (for home delivery), you will receive a list of items required from the Kraamverzorging when you register. Items such as bed verhogers (metal stilts to raise your bed, which can be hired from Thuiszorg). A suitcase should be packed and ready. It is usually assumed that the husband or partner will present at the delivery. If you wish to deliver in a particular position, make your wishes known well before hand.

If you are under obstetric medical care, all your obstetric examinations will be carried out by doctors. The nurses who bring your bedpans etc are unlikely to be midwives. You will be delivered by your own OB if he/she is on duty, otherwise by the OB on call.

Your midwife will explain to you when you must contact her and the procedures to follow at around 36 weeks, you should always have the midwife's phone number handy should you need it before that.