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On being an Expat

Sarah Johnson | Monday April 25 2016

Often there is the assumption that being an expat is a life full of nonstop travel, tourism and sightseeing. While expats (primarily those on a temporary assignment) do tend to take advantage of the access they have to various travel destinations, there are also some unique challenges in being an expat. I don’t make mention of the challenges much. If you were to view my Facebook page or my Instagram account, you’d see I post pictures... Read more »

Dutch – The Language of Phlegm

Kristen Woudstra | Thursday January 7 2016

When I worked on Holland American Line cruise ships, the majority of the officers were Dutch. When I heard them speaking dutch for the first time, the initial thought that came to mind was “crikey, they are really working up some serious phlegm there!”. Let’s admit it, it is not the prettiest language on the ears. Unlike French or Spanish, I would certainly not label Dutch as ‘the language of love’. Far from it! Ironically,... Read more »

16 Must Have Items to Survive a Dutch Autumn

Amanda van Mulligen | Friday November 6 2015

The weather this week confirms what we were all trying to deny: the arrival of autumn. We've been enjoying an Indian summer over the last few weeks, we were getting complacent about hauling those weatherproof jackets back out of our closets. However, in the blink of an eye the extended summer has faded and an unpredictable weather front has crept over the Netherlands with a mischievous smirk on its face. Most of us weren't quite ready for the onslaught... Read more »

Halloween Family Fun & Fundraiser

fleur | Friday October 16 2015

Halloween Family Fun & Fundraiser Date: Saturday 31st October Place: Plaswijck Park, Ringdijk 20, Rotterdam Time: From 14:30-17:15 Ticket Prices: €5, p.p. babies under 1 year old go free, annual pass (abonnement Plaswijck NOT needed!) Dress-up? Not obligatory but very much appreciated, not too scary please as we have a wide age range of children. PRIZE for the best adult costume. Registration via email is necessary! Payment in CASH... Read more »

Nutrition in the Netherlands

Bryony | Sunday March 1 2015

Nutrition in the Netherlands.  Hello, My name is Bryony Sutcliffe, I’d like to welcome you to a new section on the InTouch website, all about nutrition.  Before I start I’d like to tell you a bit about me, my background and what I’m doing living in The Netherlands.  Having grown up in the South-West of England I moved to Leeds for university.  Having studied a degree in Sport and Exercise Science I decided... Read more »

3 Delicious Dutch Soups I learned to Love.

Olga Mecking | Monday January 26 2015

I’ve always loved a good bowl of soup. Polish people eat it a lot it, and there are million recipes for this or that kind of soup. Some of them had the weirdest ingredients: beetroot, sorrel, sourdough. Others were sweet! Can you imagine eating sweet soup? Yuck.  When I came to the Netherlands, I was not so impressed with the food. I considered it bland and boring but that didn’t stop me from developing a liking for stroopwaffels... Read more »