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Selecting a carer and location of delivery

If there are no anticipated problems with the pregnancy or delivery, the usual choice of carer is a midwife (verloskundige). Midwives operate independently of the hospital and you will be solely under their care during both pregnancy and delivery. However if problems do occur, (high blood pressure, diabetes) you will be referred to an obstetrician/gyneacologist who will take over your care.

Under the care of a midwife you can choose between a home delivery (thuisbevalling) or a short stay hospital delivery (polikliniek bevalling), where you will deliver in hospital and be discharged within six hours. This is of course, no hard and fast rule but if everything goes well, you will not be kept in hospital for longer than necessary. If you choose a hospital delivery, you should make arrangements with the hospital before week 21 of your pregnancy.

To find a midwife you can look up verloskundigen under gezondheidzorg in your local gemeentegids. Alternatively, make an appointment with your doctor who will advise you who you need to contact. Reasons for choosing consultant obstetric care are chronic medical conditions, past pregnancy and delivery related complications, diabetes, kidney or heart disease and also if you are over the age of 35, there is some flexibility on this last point. Your type of health insurance offers no advantages or disadvantages to care available.