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Our informal/closed facebook group

Apart from our website and formal facebook page, we also have a closed facebookgroup, which is created and intended as a 'safe' environment for families to share information and ask eachother practical questions about familylife in Rotterdam. Feel free to connect to this group if you fit our profile! (As this page is not intended for commercial use, advertising is not allowed and we do try to screen request carefully.)


If you have any Tips or Ideas...

If you have any Tips or Ideas that you would like to share with us, please email us at info@intouchexpats.nl  We would love to hear from you!

Paid Parking with Numberplate

In the city centre and surrounding area’s pay-by-plate is introduced. It works as follow: you enter the license plate information of your car, determine the parking time and pay by debit or credit card. Payment with Chipknip isn’t available with the new parking meters. Placing a parking ticket behind the windshield therefore is no longer necessary. In other area's pay-by-plate will be introduced in phases. If you frequently park in Rotterdam then we recommend getting a special App that can save you a lot of hassle. http://en.rotterdam.info/visitors/practical/parking/

Tulips come from the Netherlands.

Well, actually, they didn’t. The tulip (Tulipa) was originally a native of Turkey. The dainty, pointy-petalled little tulip was introduced to the West in the 16th century.

Greeting a friend

You might find the custom of social kissing a bit over the top, the Dutch, however, do it frequently. Mind you, it is only done amongst people who know each other rather well! People kiss each other on the cheeks two or three times, every time they meet. This is not compulsory. If you do not want to be kissed, just extend your hand for a handshake.

Most shops are closed on a Monday Morning

Apart from supermarkets, most other shop don't open until midday.