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chinese classifier words

list of chinese measure words - college of saint benedict
(pdf) chinese classifiers: their use and acquisition
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list of chinese measure words - college of saint benedict

In the Chinese language, simple numerals cannot quantify a noun by itself; instead, the language relies on what are known as measure words or, to a lesser extent, classifiers. There are two types of such classifiers, nominal and verbal, with the latter being used in quantifying verbs and the amount of time which they take precedence

Chinese classifiers appear with numbers, and so belong to the numeral classifier subtype of world classifiers systems. The Chinese word for classifier is literally 'measure word' 量詞 liangci. Numeral classifiers include five subtypes: 1) measure classifiers such as 藍 lan (basket), or 口kou (mouthful) as well as more precise measures such as 公里 gongli (kilometer)

Chinese Measure Word – 条. As you read this list, think of how each object might be classified as long and thin. For some, like 狗 (gǒu, dog), this seems like a stretch, but imagining a long, thin dog in your head will help you remember this measure word + noun pairing! A thread (or subway line!)

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word dictionary - classifier - mdbg chinese dictionary

hair / feather / down / wool / mildew / mold / coarse or semifinished / young / raw / careless / unthinking / nervous / scared / (of currency) to devalue or depreciate / classifier for Chinese fractional monetary unit ( = 角, = one-tenth of a yuan or 10 fen 分)

For example, the classifier 颗 (顆) kē is used for small round items, as in 一 颗 子弹 (yì kē zǐdàn,

Mar 01, 2021 · For instance, the classifier for 邮票 “youpiao” [stamp] can be 张 “zhang” when it is mainly perceived as “flat and thin”, but another classifier, i.e. 枚 “mei”, can apply as well if the feature “tiny” is highlighted; meanwhile, 棉花 “mianhua” [cotton] as fabric is in most cases associated with the classifier 团 “tuan”, but when the same noun is used to refer to the fruit of the plant, the classifier 朵 “duo” is …

115 frequently used chinese measure words list (with pdf)
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115 frequently used chinese measure words list (with pdf)

Chinese measure words can categorize the noun that follows it according to its function, shape, or some other property related to that noun. In some cases, more than one measure word may be used for the same noun, and our choice depends on which characteristic we wish to emphasize

Aug 31, 2015 · Measure words (liàng cí 量词), also known as classifiers, are used to quantify nouns – or even verbs – and to identify objects. There are technically two types of classifiers

145 rows · Briefly explained, Chinese uses what is known as “classifiers” or “measure words”, these are

what's the difference between classifiers and measure words?
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what's the difference between classifiers and measure words?

Jul 21, 2020 · For me, classifier classifies objects, base on their shape, size, substance, grouping, and so on. e.g. 一條魚,一粒米, 一灘水, 一盒餅. A classifier itself is not a measure word until it is used with a counting word. In other words, "measure word' is another name for [quantifier/ counting word + classifier], e.g. 幾條魚,兩粒米. ~

Chinese classifiers (量词 [量詞]) Classifiers or measure words (liàngcí) are used in Chinese with nouns when specifying number. They have similarities to English expressions like a pack of cards, a piece of paper, and a bottle of beer

Commonly Used Classifiers . Although there are thousands of classifiers for use, we compiled a list of commonly used classifiers that you would encounter, or need to use, in your practice. 包 (bāo): applied when objects are grouped by pouches or bags. 杯 (bēi): used to quantity liquids by cups. 只(zhī): 1) addresses one of a pair, 2) counts animals

list of chinese measure words / classifiers | learn
the doubling of classifiers, nouns, verbs and adjectives

list of chinese measure words / classifiers | learn

measure word for - tables : 篇: measure word for - texts : 趟: measure word for - time : 秒: measure word for - time / seconds : 粒: measure word for - tiny things : 吨: measure word for - ton: 列: measure word for - trains : 棵: measure word for - trees : 堆: measure word for - unorderd piles : 岁: measure word for - …

Jan 19, 2017 · Classifier – Classifier The simple doubling of classifiers accentuates the collective value of a noun. This doubling always appears in the segment of the phrase that precedes the verb. Usually, classifiers doubled in this way are covered by the adverb 都 (dōu), which means “all”