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us2609097a - flotation machine - google patents
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us2609097a - flotation machine - google patents

US2609097A - Flotation machine - Google Patents Flotation machine Download PDF Info Publication number ... ' UNITED STATES PATENT OFF-ICE FLOTATION MACHINE '7 Roger Dering; Salt Lake City, Utah, assignor to Combined Metals .Reduction Company, Salt Lake (Jity. Utah, acorporation *of Utah Applicati0nMay- ,12, 1949,SerialNo. 92,868

In the flotation cells manufactured by The Galigher Company of Salt Lake City, Utah, under the proprietary name Agitair, a modified form of the impeller disclosed by Lionel E. Booth in his United States Patent No. 2,085,947, issued July 6, 1937, for Aerating Machine, has long been used with generally good results

A flotation machine is intended to carry out flotation of valuable minerals, such as coal, for example, and comprises a plurality of cells provided with pulp receiving and discharging means. Mounted in each cell above horizontal stator plates and in spaced relationship therewith are aerators. Each stator horizontal plate is formed with a central opening disposed below each aerator

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us4226706a - dispersed air flotation machine - google patents

A machine for dispersing gas bubbles in a liquid includes a horizontal series of adjacent flotation cells without baffles or mechanical gas distribution means. In each cell, an ejection device is mounted to expel a two-phase gas-liquid mixture into the cell. Liquid is pumped into the ejection devices so that the density and energy of the mixture at the point of ejection falls within Region I

FLOTA'I ION MACHINE Filed Dec. 16, 1936 NVENTOR. mm 4m ATTORNEY. Patented Dec. 27, 1938 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE- 4 Claims. This invention relates …

Patents for C09D 9 - Chemical paint or ink removers (2,644) 03/2012: 03/21/2012: CN102382498A Novel deinking agent for waste paper regeneration : 03/15/2012: US20120064252 Cyclohexane oxidation

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us5251764a - flotation machine - google patents

the google patents guessing game

Jun 30, 2020 · The Google Patents Guessing Game, to be precise. By asking the Something Awful Forums to test my amazing deductive powers, not only would I get to show how smart I was, I would also get to cram my face with all the condiments I'd want. The rules were simple. A poster would submit an image from a patent. I would try to guess what the thing was

Patent US2987183 Froth flotation process Google Patents Other flotation agents, such as frothers and modifying agents, may be used along with the collector to enhance its activity. A principal object of the present invention is the provision of an eflicient and economic froth flotation process of the indicated type for recovering valuable

US5251764A US07/858,106 US85810692A US5251764A US 5251764 A US5251764 A US 5251764A US 85810692 A US85810692 A US 85810692A US 5251764 A US5251764 A US 5251764A Authority US United States Prior art keywords foam flotation cell baffle flotation machine Prior art date 1991-03-27 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion

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us5039400a - flotation machine - google patents

The invention relates to a flotation machine for flotating minerals and the like from slurries containing these particles. In the flotation machine of the invention, above the feed opening (15) of the flotation cell there is formed a froth bed (11) which is adjustable in volume and/or surface area. The regulating and washing members (10, 13) of the froth bed are arranged within the froth bed

Patent US2767964 - Impeller-stator combination for flotation machines - Google Patents... is typical of flotation cells presently manufactured under the teachings of the aforementioned Booth U. S. patents. As is customary, the flotation ... diameter of the impeller ... flotation machine, an impeller ... Contact Supplier

Patent US3844939 - Flotation separation of feldspar - Google Patents. An improved process for separating feldspars from feldspathic ores by ... the feldspars in the froth or foam thus generated, leaving other constituents, such as

8 patents for inventions that purport to protect you from

8 patents for inventions that purport to protect you from

Aug 06, 2013 · According to the patent, which was granted on February 25, 1969, the device was “characterized by an imperforate bag formed of thermoplastic material having a …